Al DeMarco
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Friday's Promo # 1


Gabriel DuPont - Save $70

Second Ever
200 DIME
Double Your Wager Lock of his Career

Underdog of the Year

Still Available - Game Hasn't Started

Won his only other 200 Dimer back on June 6
when Toronto beat St. Louis
- a winner you got for Half Price -

Today's 200 Dimer is Even Cheaper!

Use Coupon Code: Gabe70


Friday's Promo # 2

Save $26 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package
Use Coupon Code: Save26


Friday's Promo # 3

SAVE $90

Jeff Benton - 75 Dime Winner # 8 of 9

N.L. Total of the Month - Braves/Padres Over/Under


You just got his 75 Dime Winners on Monday (Blue Jays +130)
and Tuesday (Mariners) for $19 each

Coming off 40 Dimers on the Dodgers Sunday & Cards Saturday
- and this play is nearly twice as powerful -

Use Coupon Code: Jeff9


Friday's Promo # 4

SAVE $80

Craig Davis - Biggest MLB Play Ever

100 DIME
Run Line Massacre of the Year

Only his 2nd 100 Dimer of the Entire Season

Matches his 100 Dimers on U.Conn outright
over Kentucky and Florida in the Dance!

Use Coupon Code: Craig19

That Means You Get The Play For Just $19

Still Available - Game Hasn't Started


Important Note 

If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site, 
simply contact Customer Service and they will tell you where to find them

Biggest Release of my Entire Career

200 DIME
Double Your Wager Lock of my Life

Underdog of the Year

Won my only other 200 Dime baseball release 
with the Blue Jays over St. Louis on June 6


$10 Bettors are up $3,205 the last eight weeks

$10 Bettors are up $4,785 since February


One and Only
100 DIME
Run Line Massacre of the Year

Game has not started

15 games on the schedule,
this is the one you go all-in on

As big as my back-to-back
100 Dime Winners on
Connecticut OUTRIGHT over
Kentucky and Florida in the Dance!


As former President of Fantasy,

there's NO ONE in this industry that follows pro & college sports like me.


A $10 bettor has won $9,890 in the NFL since the 2011 season -

- and I've won 5 of 6 title game releases - 

Use my experience and knowledge to make you a winner!

- $10 bettor up $11,930 since early April -

Winning Day # 6 of 7

Winner # 8 of 9

N.L. Total of the Year

Braves vs. Padres

50% larger than last night's
50 Dime Winner - Angels over Orioles

Matches my back-to-back 75 Dime Winners
on Monday & Tuesday that you got at a discounted rate

60 Dime
Winner # 8 of 9

A.L. Game of the Month - 
Mariners/Orioles Side

Equals Wednesday's 60 Dimer on the Braves-Dodgers Under
- a winner you got for just $7.77 -



N.L. Game of the Month
Reds 3-1 over Miami
- a winner you got for just $19 -

$10 bettor up $14,460 since last July

Winning Day # 19 of 26
- and 10 of 14 since the All Star Break -

2nd Biggest Baseball Release

Winner # 6 in a Row

Road Warrior Lock

Game has not started

Terrible call last night with my 50 Dimer
Angels-Orioles Over, just terrible, but I still have you up large

$10 baseball bettors up $9,790 since last season


My $1 Bettors have made $3,690 the last seven weeks

200♦ A.L. Game of the Week

Yankees at Red Sox

Winning Day #9 of 12
$10 Bettors have made $1,357 the past 11 days

50 Dime Total Cinch

Blue Jays-Astros

As strong as Wednesday night's 50 Dimer
- Mariners/Indians Under -
a play you got for just $9



150 DIME
A.L. Game of the Year

Loser - Orioles, 0-1 in 13 innings to the Angels

still 62-35-1 run with all 100 Dimers over the past four years
- including Tuesday's winner on the Dodgers you got for $39 -
Cheap Chalk Game of the Month

Has not started yet

15 Dime Release
(2nd Biggest of my Career)


Free winner on Arizona on Thursday.

Today's free picks on Chicago-Minnesota and Oakland-KC
are available now on my homepage

Winner #30 of 50

5 Dime Run Line Blowout


$20 if I win, or $0 if I Lose

Video Vault

1 Day of Access $99
7 Days of Access $449
30 Days $999
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